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HEART Awakening is a powerful spiritual healing prcoess that can transform your life forever.  Opening to the Divine Love within and accessing true inner guidance is the single most important need for mankind at this time.  It is the doorway through which the soul is set FREE TO fufill its life purpose.  Amazing changes have happened in people’s lives as a result of their journey into their heart and soul through Heart Awakening. No matter what may be going on in your life, transformation into true spiritual light is possible. HEART AWAKENING was pioneered by Raoult Bertrand in 1987, and has since transformed the lives of thousands. You can read many case histories of clients. These show that there is usually a hidden core issue underlying work, health, relationship and financial problems. Most often, this proves to be separation from the divine spark of love within. During a Heart Awakening session, clients reconnect with that divine spark by opening their hearts.

We think nothing of improving ourselves by getting our hair done, buying new clothes, getting a massage, or even changing our ideas, but what of our hearts? What of the divine love that should forever be felt as part of our daily life? How often have we looked into ourselves, saw something we disliked, and avoided dealing with it by denial or rationalization? Heart Awakening is a powerful spiritual healing process that can CHANGE YOUR life forever by opening the doorway through which the soul is set FREE TOfulfill its life purpose. How can you be in that space HERE AND NOW? By your willingness to be in full integrity in every area of your life. No matter what the outer circumstances may be.

True living begins with an open heart. True living is having compassion for self and others, accepting others and ourselves just as we were created in our divine image, knowing nothing is more important than the love. Once we have experienced and accepted the eternalness of the deep, indwelling divine love, we canOPEN THE DOOR to honest relationships with others and share the wisdom born of spiritual love with anyone anywhere at any time. This is what Heart Awakening is for – to remember what is important, what is real and what makes a difference. It is a wake-up call from the soul saying, “Remember the journey you have embarked upon, remember the deepest inner vows to yourself to be all that you can be. You don’t have to settle for anything less.”

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